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3D Boiled Crawfish Magnet

Unbelievable detail. You can even see the corn and onions in the crawfish boil. 3.25"x 2.25"

Alligator Christmas Ornament

Cute is the best way to describe this holiday gift. Our friendly, but sly, state ambassador wishes you and your friends and family "Merry Christmas y'all From New Orleans.

Alligator Clause Christmas Ornament

Authentic Cajun Country ornaments. This beautiful ornament looks like a delicate something from the swamp. That's because it is. Made from a real alligator foot. Talk about a Cajun Christmas.

Alligator Figurine Salt & Pepper Shakers

Talk about cute. Two alligators hanging out on the side of the salt and pepper shakers. This gift will be sure to add some Cajun flare to your dinner table. An excellent gift by itself, or it can be included in a gift basket or gift bag from our store.

Andy Roo's Cajun Blackened Seasoning - 4 oz

Directions: Salt Free! Prepare meat of your choice in advance (steaks, chicken, fish, or shrimp) by liberally covering with ANDY ROO'S CAJUN BLACKENED SEASONING. Rub spices into meat thoroughly.

Bayou Gift Bag

Down on the bayou we know good food, and this gift bag is stuffed full of good things to eat. 
$69.95 $62.95

Bayou Gift Basket

Down on the bayou we know good food, and this gift basket is stuffed full of good things to eat.

Benoit's Spicy Salt Free Cajun Seasoning - 6 oz.

All Natural, No Salt Substitute, No MSG, Salt Free Seasoning. Benoit's Best Spicy Salk-free Cajun Seasoning is a product of South Louisiana. This wonderfully zesty seasoning will add spice to everyone's diet.

Best of Louisiana Music CD

A compilation of the best Louisiana music. Various artists.
$12.99 $6.99

Best of Cajun CD

A compilation of the best Cajun music. Various artists.
$12.99 $6.99

Brennan's New Orleans Cookbook

Here in this book, is the answer to the flood of requests for recipes from Brennan's, many of where were created in the kitchen by Chef Paul Blange, and never before put down in writing.

Cajun Christmas Basket

Down in southern Louisiana we are serious about good food. This basket will bring a smile to anyone's face and leave them feeling full inside.

Cajun Cooking for Beginners

Cajun Cooking for Beginners is a learning tool for those just starting out in Cajun cooking. It features simplified, easy-to-follow recipes that can be used by people of every age who want to learn to cook Cajun-style from pre-teens to mature adults.

Cajun Cooking Gift Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for a great Cajun Chef?  Then this is the gift bag you have been looking for.

Cajun Cooking Gift Basket

Looking for the perfect gift for a great Cajun Chef? Then this is the gift basket you have been looking for.

Cajun Holiday Gift Basket Box

Everything you need to put a little cajun cheer in your holiday.

Cajun in Your Pocket

The Cajun In Your Pocket is a must have all throughout Cajun Country. We suggest you buy two, because someone you know is going to fall in love with it and you'll have to buy another one anyway.

Cajun Night After Christmas (Hardcover)

Inspired by the spicy humor of Cajun Night Before Christmas, Cajun Night After Christmas is the story of St. Nick, an alligator named Pierre, and the Boudreau family once the holiday is over.

Cajun Party!

A CD by the Cajun Playboys.  Real Cajun Dance Music!
$18.99 $9.99

Cajunland Cajun Seasoning - 15 oz.

Cajunland Cajun Seasoning is a traditional blend of the fine spices used by the people of South Louisiana. It adds that authentic Louisiana taste and excitement to all of your favorite dishes. Use instead of salt and pepper in cooking or at the table.

Cajunland Gumbo Mix - 7 oz.

Gumbo made with ease! Just add seafood or meat.

Cajunland Jambalaya Mix - 8 oz.

A complete mix with rice and seasonings. Add your favorite seafood, sausage or chicken.

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen Cookbook

Chef Paul Prudhomme's first cookbook has been called the best Louisiana regional American cookbook ever published. Chef Paul shares his secrets for the very best cooking.

Coffee and Beignets Gift Basket

Looking for a gift for someone who loves coffee and beignets from Cafe Du Monde?

Creole Gumbo Holiday Basket Box

Give the gift that is sure to put a smile on someone's face and a warm, full, feeling in their stomach. Everything you need to make a steamy, hot, bowl of Creole Gumbo.

Crystal Hot Sauce - 6 oz.

For the people who love to eat spicy food, here comes Crystals 6 oz bottle. 6 ounces of a unique blend of fully ripened, red cayenne peppers combined with spices, the results are hot.

'Dat Little Cajun Cookbook

Food is more than just a means to survive here in Louisiana. It has become an integral part of the lifestyle and culture. It is said that most people eat to live, but in Louisiana, we live to eat.

Jumbo Gumbo Basket

Nothing tastes better than Louisiana Gumbo, and this basket is a gumbo lovers dream. It includes everything for a perfect New Orleans meal.

Louisiana Alligator Crawfish Pirogue Magnet

Straight from the bayous of Louisiana. The raised resin magnet has a Crawfish and an Alligator in a pirogue. This will look great on you fridge. The magnet is 3.25" x 2"

Louisiana Grinch Christmas Ornament

Authentic Cajun Country ornaments. This beautiful ornament looks like its straight out of the water. The Grinch is made from an oyster shell and is hand painted. Talk about a Cajun Christmas.

Louisiana Gumbo Basket

A great gift for a real Cajun.  This unique gift includes everything you need for a great Gumbo meal.

Louisiana Gumbo Gift Bag

A great gift for a real Cajun.  Everything you need for a great Gumbo meal.

Louisiana Jambalaya Recipe Pot Holder

No other food says Louisiana like Jamabalaya. The real question is, do you like brown or red jamabalaya. If you are from Louisiana you know the difference. This pot holder features an authentic jamabalaya recipe.

Louisiana Large Sampler Gift Basket

Looking for the best of the best Louisiana Gift Basket?  Well, our Louisiana Large Sampler is sure to satisfy your appetite.

Louisiana Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Authentic Cajun Country ornaments. This beautiful ornament looks like its straight out of the swamp. The Reindeer is made from an crawfish claw, garfish scales, and is hand painted. Talk about a Cajun Christmas.

New Orleans Cuisine

A culinary tour of the Crescent City. The history and culture that define New Orleans as one of the most unique cities in the world can be traced through its incredible culinary delights.

New Orleans French Quarter Snowglobe

This is a very unique and highly detailed snow globe. Look closely at the picture and marvel at the incredible detail.

New Orleans Recipe Refrigerator Magnet Set

A set of eight New Orleans recipe refrigerator magnets.
$32.95 $24.95

Overstuffed Party Basket

Looking for a unique gift to liven up your next office party? Our Overstuffed Party Gift Basket is sure to fill the bill.

Punch Daddy Cajun Seasoning - 8 oz

Punch Daddy is an Authentic Cajun Seasoning made in the Bayou Country of South Louisiana. Who knows flavor better tahn a Cajun Chef?

Purple and Gold Magnolia Flower Ornament

Authentic Cajun Country ornaments. This beautiful ornament looks like a delicate magnolia flower. It is made from redfish and garfish scales. Talk about a Cajun Christmas.

Recipes from Mulate's - Original Cajun Restaurant

Known as "the king of Cajun dine and dance halls," Mulate's has been a cornerstone of Cajun country's prodest traditions of food, music, and love of good times since the 1980's.

Santa Crab Christmas Ornament

Authentic Cajun Country ornaments. This beautiful ornament looks like its straight out of the water. Santa is made from a crab shell and is hand painted. Talk about a Cajun Christmas.

Santa Riding Gator Christmas Ornament

In New Orleans Santa doesn't ride in a sleigh, he rides on an alligator.

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce - 5 fl oz

Experience the sensation of explosive Cajun heat and flavor with Slap Ya Mama's Hot Sauce. In a 5 fl oz bottle, you can rest assured that all of your favorite dishes will be equipped with the special blend of Cajun spices that will make your taste buds explode with those Louisiana flavors.

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning - 8 oz

In 1956, Wilda Marie Fontenot Walker gave birth to the creator of this award-winning seasoning blend. Every time she uses it, she receives a loving slap on the back and a kiss on the cheek, thanking her for another great-tasting Cajun dish.

Slap Ya Mamma HOT Cajun Seasoning - 8 oz.

Slap Ya Mama Hot Blend is sure to set your mouth on fire, but at the same time it will add that unique Cajun flavor to any dish. Remember, if you can eat it you can "slap" it!

The Top 100 Cajun Recipes of all Time

The Cream of the Crop of Cajun Recipes. Cajun cooking today is one of America's most exciting and delicious kinds of cooking. Over the past 20 to 30 years, its reputationhas spread throughout the United States.

Tid-Bits of Creole Cookbook

Tid-Bits of Creole is a collection of 22 classic Cajun Creole recipes taken from Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, File Gumbo. The booklet is a great basket / stocking stuffer leaving the owner wanting for more.

Ultimate Cajun

An ultimate collection of over 1 hour of authentic Cajun Music from Southwest Lousiana. Featuring Johnny Sonnier, Vin Bruce, The Cajun Playboys, Waylon Thibodeaux, Sammy Naquin, Shirly Bergeron, Ivy Dugas with Jackie Callier…
$18.99 $9.99